Thursday, July 19, 2007

you can has ur freakin cheezburger and eat it too

Move over lolcats. Because I was too lazy to push my way into this already crowded field, I came up with an innovation so witty, so edgy and yet so gob-smackingly-why-did-no-one-ever-do-this-before obvious, it may just take over the whole internet and end the Iraq war in an afternoon.

I give you -- the loltrophy.


Jo said...

I is in yr comments section

leavin' predictably phrased comments and seethin' with brilliance-induced jlsy.

killerrabbit said...

OMG I'm in yr comments - trying to think of somtfing witty to say. Bloody funny Nick as always.

redcap said...

Ooh, messin with yr kids dignity - that's low, man.

But I still like my lolcats. C'mon, who doesn't. The lolgerbils are particularly hilariarse.

PetStarr said...


AH aha hAhaa

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