Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Awkward questions: a love song by Barry White

Baby, mmmm, I’m lovin’ you more and more
Baby, uuunh, you wanna know the score?
Mmmm, darlin’, our love can only soar
Once I find out if that’s a cold sore

Baby, I like you jus’ fine
And you gotta sense of style
But I need a little info that’s not
On your Internet profile.

Mmmm, damn, baby you hot
You got me tied all in a knot
But I find myself wond’rin’ a lot
If you had your Hepatitis B shot?


Mmmm, baby, you’re one tasty honey
Baby you’re better than money
And you may think I’m funny
But I gotta know f’you ever boiled a bunny?

1 comment:

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