Friday, July 13, 2007

Come Fly With Me

So many challenging questions are thrown at us in our working lives – some asked by others, some that we pose ourselves.

For example, this morning, after walking to work past many other people scurrying to their offices, and after stopping to buy toast and coffee in a crowded shop, and after greeting several of my workmates en route to my desk, I asked myself:

"I wonder how long my fly has been open for?"


TimT said...

So did you do the furtive zip-up underneath the desk; or the skilful concealing beneath a piece of paper, allowing you to proclaim to anybody who asks, "I'm just going to run off those photocopies of the X form that P was asking for", (tactfully nipping in to the toilet on the way to the photocpier)?

nick cetacean said...

In nightmares, men dream that not only do they leave the fly down, they also forget to 'replace' the 'old friend' after an 'outing'...

Jo said...

That's nothing, Nick - sometimes men dream that they've left their penis hanging out of their pants!

I did the furtive under-the-desk thing. Then blogged about it. See the double standard?

byrd said... one must carry on until, some polite soul, serupticiously points it out. Or some brute draws it to another's attention in your company.
okay so i have miss spelt serupticiously, the spell check is offering perniciously, meretriciously, pertinaciously, perspicaciously, and scrumptiously. im going to have to look in a book.

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