Thursday, July 5, 2007

An offer you can't refuse

From my four year old (let's call him Lars Empoli Crittenden for the sake of convenience):

"You draw animals in a zoo while I go and do a poo".

Charming. And it rhymes!

It's even more appealing as a haiku:

"Father draws captive
Beasts while number one son lays
Shit on porcelain."

I'm now working on a six sonnet series and a performance art piece. Can anybody lend me a zebra and a small quantity of pink-dyed human faeces? Also assistance in filling out the Australia Council grant forms would be appreciated...


Jo said...

Sorry - I would've commented sooner, but I was up a tree doing a wee.

TimT said...

I believe between you and Tim, you may be able to corner the market in gross or offputting things said and done by one's offspring, but I can at least leave some poetic offerings of my own - see above...

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