Sunday, July 15, 2007

Eight random things about myself

TimT tagged everyone with the 'Eight random things about myself' meme. As that set often includes me, I consider myself tagged and will return fire appropriately.

(1) I am a vast quivering formless omnivorous plant-animal hybrid covering the equivalent of six city blocks.
(2) I prefer Grey's Anatomy to House and Gilmore Girls to Sex and the City.
(3) I used to really like fairy floss but have gone off it since I've got older.
(4) I think I look like Ethan Hawke but talk a little like Ben Stiller (though I'm neither American nor Jewish).
(5) I was inadvertantly responsible for the Great Fire of London.
(6) Even though I worry about climate change (a lot!) I can't stop using my Honda CR-V all the time because I just love how it handles.
(7) I hate waiting in line but hate queue-jumpers even more.
(8) I subsumed my last girlfriend, Megan, into my throbbing plasmic mass and have added the remnants of her consciousness to my hive-mind. She still bitches incessantly about my so-called commitment issues *sigh*. I'll have kids when I'm good and ready to inject carnivorous larvae under the dermal membranes of unsuspecting teenage human campers and not a moment before.

Thanks for reading!


TimT said...

You monster! (Goes without saying, really, but still). Do you know how many tonnes of global-warming carbon dioxide the great fire pumped into the atmosphere?

Once again its one law for vast quivering plant-animal hybrids, and another law for the rest of us.

meva said...

Will the camping teenagers not notice that you cover the equivalent of 6 city blocks? How many trees would that cover? Wouldn't you make a noise sneaking up on them? What if you sneeze?

nick cetacean said...

Hmmm, good questions there.

I'm guessing the answer is:


And that's what I'm sticking with.

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