Friday, July 13, 2007

Each child comes pre-packaged with its own parental trauma!

Or, what not to name your baby: an instructive poem
New Zealand couple P. and S. W. don’t understand what all the fuss is about.
They have attracted worldwide attention because of their fight to be allowed to name their infant son "4Real."
They chose the name, they say, because after viewing an ultrasound during the pregnancy it suddenly hit them that the idea of parenthood had become - you guessed it - for real.
Adolf Caeser,
Garttub Wheezer,
Richard Small,
Or Richard Biggs,
Or Pritchard Richard,
Or Pips.
Or Desiree;
F. L. Horatio,
P. N. S. Voratio,
Ralph F. G. Barffman,
Or Hepzibah.
Ron Wong White,
Yorwick Wright,
Darcus Wight,
Or Thomas Witt;
Mary Harry,
Mary Carrie,
Uriah Gaye,
Or Mary Hitt.
Hester Leicester,
Foster Costa,
Barry Larry,
Roland Ronald,
Johnston Johnson,
Mary Myra,
Peregrine Oliphaunt Ormond,
Fassbinder Uther King,
Simon Horace Ignatius Thomas,
Allemand Roger Sing;
Cary Hunt,
Ima Runtt,
Canning Stunt,
Or Ming.

And especially not:

Gina va Biggs,
and Hope-Polly Bumin,
Peter O. Ennis,
And Mary-Lee Cumin.


nick cetacean said...

Some fine names there -- I shudder at the on-coming patter of tiny google hits as thousands of graceless parents rush at us..

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