Wednesday, July 4, 2007

If You Were A Horse

If you were a horse, my what a horse you would be! Hocks and fetlocks to take one's breath away, and cannon that just wouldn't quit. Your gaskin would be among the great wonders of the world, although I confess I am more of a pastern man myself. Out in the fields, I would stroke your flexor tendons, tickle your stifle, run my fingers lightly along your beautiful withers, slowly, one perfect vertebrae at a time. You would whinny and take some feed, and I would laugh merrily, my lips at your throat latch, my hand upon your poll. What a pair we would make, you and I, if you were a horse.


TimT said...

I say neigh to you, sir. Neigh!

nick cetacean said...

I actually *am* a horse. Deep down.

I cannot tell you how freaky and delightful it is to load "one's own" blog and find it chockfull of exciting content.

Freaky *and* delightful.

redcap said...

Gosh, I wish I'd listened in class and that I were now not a wearer of beige. ~sob~

redcap said...

He - thanks Nick. That's OK, though. I'm just violently anti-beige. And as you may have noticed, I'm barely capable of maintaining one blog :)

Anonymous said...

If I were a horse I would escape away from the city and the torment of people walking around in a fast paced society. The only good thing about being a horse is that I wouldn't need to use some Viagra Online.

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